Research and consulting in policy, politics and strategy

Evidence-based vision. Effective strategies.

To make the world a more livable and secure place, we help shape political and social change in climate, AI safety, and biosecurity.

More change through policy prioritization and strategy consulting

Effective advocacy requires not only strategy and tactics, but also the selection of effective targets: The "best" policies can be exponentially more effective than "good" policies. We have developed a replicable process to identify high leverage policies that we use in all of our work areas.

In the field of climate protection, Future Matters has now identified the most effective EU measures for global decarbonization. A comprehensive report will follow in February 2024.

Developing trainings

Our impact

Since our launch, we have identified particularly effective climate policies and trained several hundred people in effective engagement. We have carried out more than 80 strategy consulting projects with a wide range of clients. We also train impact-oriented organizations to continuously improve their engagement and community-building work.